Wine Food Pairing - Patty's Pork Pulling Party!

Wine Food Pairing at Patty's Pork Pulling Party!

Pulling this mouth watering pork apart to make BBQ sandwiches can be thirsty work.

We paired this tasty swine with a red table wine from the finger lakes region of New York. My friends Joanna and Jim brought this wine down to Florida from the Heron Hills Winery....full bodied and with slight oak overtones it combined wonderfully with the pork shoulder that had been carefully rubbed, smoked and roasted by Pat and Bob.

Who would think that pulling pork could be so much fun. Wine Food Pairing at its best! CHEERS!

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Kulpreet said...

Hi Denise Clarke,

Tasty swine: a unique expression indeed. Liked the post. would love to vist more often.