Wine Food Pairing - a Time of Thanks!

Thanksgiving is an event made just for wine food pairing! A time to reflect on all of our blessings, to sit back and enjoy the fellowship of your friends and family and to sip wonderful wine.

My husband and I traveled clear across the street to our friends Joanna and Jim for a neighborhood feast of turkey, ham and all of the traditional side dishes as well as a few new ones. Everybody brought something, but the bulk of the work was really done by Joanna and Jim.

We sat in their lanai on the the Marco River sipping a tasty red table wine by the Heron Hills Winery from the finger lakes region of New York and sampling appetizers. Everyone enjoyed the sunset, as we watched the fiery ball drop into the Gulf of Mexico, and then the lights from Marco Island reflecting off the river. WOW....spectacular!

As the evening progressed and the turkey became the main event, we switched to Rkatsiteli, an award winning white wine from Vinifera Wine Cellars originating from the same finger lakes area. This wine with its crisp acidity and fruity, spicy accents paired beautifully with the big bird. YUM!

When the evening came to an end, I realized that my blessings are many. A terrific Thanksgiving feast. Wine Food Pairing. CHEERS!

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Red Table Wine

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