Wine Food Pairing - a Stone Crab Feast in Florida!

Wine Food Pairing a stone crab feast in Florida!

Stone Crab claws, harvested in the waters off the southern tip of Florida, make for some of the tastiest crab meat of all. The meat is sweet, delicious and is eaten with drawn butter or, my favorite, a homemade mustard sauce. The season for these succulent crustaceans is October 15th thru May 15th and is well worth a trip down to the "sunshine" state to taste them fresh....YUM!!!!

We picked up ten pounds of the claws and made a whole neighborhood feast with everyone contributing to the bounty! Our friends, the Smith's, brought over a wine that paired beautifully with the crab.......a Rkatsiteli by Dr. Konstantin Frank and the Vinifera Wine Cellars. This fruity white wine with a light herbaceous aroma reminded me a lot of the Rieslings from Austria. Simply wonderful!

This is what wine food pairing is all about.....great friends, the freshest of foods and award winning wines! CHEERS!

For more information on this wonderful wine from the Finger Lakes region of New York go to their website:

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