Wine Food Pairing - Brussel Sprouts, the Forgotten Food

Wine Food Pairing with brussel Sprouts.....didn't your Mom always try to make you eat these little guys? I have always been "sprout" resistant until my friends Dorian and Jeff shared a delicious recipe for a marinade with me. This makes a terrific appetizer or side dish!

Bring home brussel sprouts from your favorite fresh market and half or quarter them depending on their size, slice up a sweet Vidalia onion and white button mushrooms. Combine red wine vinegar, soy sauce (I use the light sodium kind) and a good olive oil and throw everything into a ziploc bag for about four hours to marinade.

When the time is right, and your pan is sizzling, place your "sprout" mix in the pan and let the heat do its magic. Let the onions caramelize and the sprouts brown and soften up a bit. HOLY COW! This is tasty.

I paired this with Tres Valles Sauvignon Blanc from Chile. The tropical flavors of this gold colored wine complimented the brussel sprouts perfectly. YUMMY!

Have you had your sprouts today? Wine Food Pairing wants to know! CHEERS!

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