Wine Food Pairing ... Lift your Spirits!

What better way to lift your spirits than Wine Food Pairing?

I belong to an exclusive wine club and every 3 months I receive a terrific case of mixed wines. These wines are specifically chosen for my wine tastes and it never fails to thrill me. Every 3 months it is like Christmas!

Winter here in Florida, where it is just a bit chilly ( just kidding!) there is nothing better than to sit by the fireside and enjoy one of my latest wine selections. Tasting notes are also included so you'll have an idea of what you might want to pair with each wine selection.

Many of these wine "treasures" come from the small vineyards that you might miss if it were not for the wine clubs efforts.

Discover the world of wine food pairing ...... be adventurous and try something new. CHEERS!

If you would like to take part in a special introductory offer just e-mail me at Include your name, address (postal and e-mail) and phone. I'll make sure that you are contacted about the details.

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